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Services | Deborah Matthews-Lonow, PhD

Deborah Matthews-Lonow, PhD


Individual Therapy

I provide a personally tailored approach to identify and reduce obstacles to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Family Therapy

We will work toward a more peaceful home where everyone feels heard, supported and loved. Improving communication is often the key to reducing conflict.

Couples Therapy

A couple is more than the two partners. While individual therapy for each partner impacts the relationship, sometimes the relationship itself needs targeted attention.

Parenting Support

Helping parents navigate the most rewarding and most difficult- and most important- “job.”

Life Coaching

A cross between short-term therapy and mentoring to help you attain your goals and get out of your own way.

Teen Therapy

Providing a safe place for teens to become their best selves.

Online Therapy

With the many obstacles to seeking in-person services, online therapy is available to any resident of NY or CT, regardless of location.

Geriatric Therapy

Life transitions are among the most stressful. Navigating retirement and finding meaning in our later years can be one of the most difficult life transitions.

Differently abled

Having meaning and purpose in our lives is central to our happiness, whatever our abilities. I can help you on this path.


Bariatric Surgery Clearance
Probate Court

Professional Services

Clinical Supervision